Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shareholder Conference Information and Agenda

We will be holding the shareholder conference call this Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008 (10AM Pacific/1PM ET). I have emailed the call-in number to shareholders that have expressed interest in joining the group. If you have not received the number, send me an email so I can put you on the list. Here is the agenda for the conference call.

Log In - As you log in to the call, give your name (first name/screen name is fine). I will check you off so I know who is on the call.

Introduction – I will reiterate and expand on the goal and possible initiatives that the group can take up.

Message to management – I am planning to send an email to management prior to this critical Q4 earnings call to convey the shareholder’s concern and issues we want management to address. I will draft the email and post prior to the shareholder meeting.

Views from larger shareholders/institutions – I will call on shareholders by first name/screen name to discuss their positions on UTStarcom. Shareholders can identify themselves and the institutions they represent and how many shares they own/represent (if they want). They will have the opportunity to discuss why they own the stock, what their major concerns, strengths of the company, what their outlook for the company, what they think the steps this group should take going forward, etc. If you own 100k shares or more, please be prepared to contribute and express your views. If you prefer to just listen, just say pass. I hope I am not slighting the shareholders with less holdings but I want to let the larger shareholders have their say first since they have “earned” it painfully.

Open Q&A from the rest of the shareholders – After the larger shareholders have had a chance to speak, I would like to give all the other shareholders a chance to bring up topics that have not been touched upon or want to discuss further. Just for protocol, please identify yourself by first name/screen name and disclose as much/little as you are comfortable with.

Pathforward – We will conclude the shareholder conference call by listing items that we can do going forward.

I am allocating up to 2 hours for the conference call depending on how the discussions proceed. If there are items that will require more time, you can contact me separately and I will summarize in the blog (as appropriate). As I’ve mentioned previously, all options will be considered. I am just a retail shareholder bringing this group together. The initiatives I have put forward are just a start and I can only take it so far. I expect to get the assistance from the “membership” to take this to the next level (with a more formal structure for example). I look forward to talking with my fellow UTStarcom shareholders this Saturday. We currently have over 22.5m shares that are represented or 18.5% of the total but would definitely welcome more shareholders to join. This is everyone’s opportunity to be heard and participate. If you have not “joined” in and want to listen in or participate, just send me an email.

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