Sunday, January 27, 2008

Exploratory group goal and initiatives to achieve this goal

The goal of this group is to simply to unlock/enhance shareholder value. There are two basic plans or phases to achieve this goal.

“Plan A”: Pro-actively “support” and monitor the management during this turnaround phase. This involves:
· Organizing and maintaining retail/institutional shareholder base to discuss the progress of the company.
· Communicating as a group with management through emails.
· Meeting with management (as needed) to discuss various issues such as compensation, operating expenses, profitability and other strategic initiatives.
· Using the resources of the group to disseminate information to the group’s members and other (existing/potential) shareholders. (via blog/email base, letter campaign to other news organizations such as Businessweek, Lightreading, gathering of information in China/other parts of the world)
· Reinforce sense of urgency to management/BOD by being prepared to implement “Plan B” quickly.

“Plan B”: Seek change in management and/or a sale of the company. This involves:
· Meeting with management/BOD to discuss sale of company.
· Letter campaign to other institutional shareholders to join this group (activist group at this point)
· Proposing management changes and putting up slate of directors that will make significant operational changes or seek a sale of the company.
· Court potential suitors for the company.

During the upcoming shareholder conference call, I will provide some additional details to the above initiatives but these are broadly the initiatives that are typical in these types of cases. I would like to receive input from the other shareholders during the meeting but basically present this to other shareholders now to clarify the intent of this group.

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