Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cash balance at the end of the year

With the revenue shortfall for the year and the strategic investment in Stage Smart, here is an estimate of the cash balance @ the end of the year.

The projected revenue is down to $270m-$280m (say $275m).
Q1 & Q2 revenues combined was $154m, which leaves $121m for the last 2 quarters. The deferred revenue left at the end of the June quarter was $141.5m. It was about a total of $182m that was supposed to be recognized in 2 years. So, lets say $50m more to be recognized this last 2 quarters. That leaves only $71.5m of revenue. At 25% GMs, you have about $18m in gross profits.

Lets say OPEX is a full $60m the last 2 quarters and not the $50m they are projecting. That is a cash shortfall of $42m. Add the $20m for the Stage Smart investment and you will lose $62m from the cash balance.

The cash balance of $308m will be augmented by $36.6m from the new investment + another $8M if the last option is exercised.

So, you have ($308+36.6+8-62)m or roughly $290m left in cash. They have $34m more in restricted cash.

In summary, the cash is going lower as the company still does not have the revenues to support it and as the investment in Stage Smart shows, it will also spend for acquisitions. As it stands, by the end of the year, it will still have substantial cash. The cash burn will lessen if the revenue shortfall is due to a pushout and they can reduce their opex further. But more importantly, can they utilize this still sizable amount of money (around $300m) + the credit line early in the year to build a sustainable profitable business.