Monday, December 13, 2010

Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Acquisitions

From the proxy materials (under related party transactions),

Yellowstone: In addition, as of the date of printing of this Proxy Statement, we are considering an engagement letter with Yellowstone pursuant to which Yellowstone will act as a strategic consultant to the Company and any of its subsidiaries, divisions or legal/organizational units to assist the Company in establishing or expanding strategic partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions and the Company's business in Asia consistent with the Company's goals. The terms of the engagement letter and the fees payable thereunder are currently being negotiated; however, it is contemplated that we will pay Yellowstone a monthly fee of US$20,000 and certain success fees upon the successful completion of a specific transaction as proposed by Yellowstone and approved by the Company generally based upon a varying percentage of the transaction deal size, with certain exceptions. We will also reimburse Yellowstone's reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the services.

Softbank: Softbank Corp. is an affiliate of Softbank America, Inc., which holds approximately 9.7% of our common stock. During 2009, we recognized aggregate revenue of $28 million (includes $5 million in sales to NEC Networks & System Integration Corp., Japan Electronic Computer Co. Ltd., Nippon Telecom Sales KK and Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. for which Softbank Corp. was the ultimate customer) with respect to sales to affiliates of Softbank Corp., including (i) sales of telecommunications equipment to Softbank BB, (ii) sales of equipment and services to Softbank Telecom Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Softbank Corp. and (iii) sales of equipment to BB Cable, an affiliate of Softbank Corp. Our Audit Committee has reviewed and approved the transaction with Softbank Corp.

In addition, as of the date of printing of this Proxy Statement, we, through a wholly owned subsidiary, are finalizing an agreement with ZTE (H.K) Limited ("ZTE"), a company incorporated in Hong Kong (the "ZTE Agreement"). Pursuant to the ZTE Agreement, we will agree to form a special purpose company incorporated in Hong Kong with ZTE (the "HK SPV") for the purpose of making and holding an investment in a high speed mobile data communication service business affiliated with Softbank Corp. (the "Softbank Affiliate"). We will agree to pay 176,000,000 Japanese yen (approximately US$2.17 million) for 35% of the equity of the HK SPV and provide a loan of 595,000,000 Japanese yen (approximately US$ 7.32 million) to the HK SPV. ZTE will agree to pay 327,000,000 Japanese yen (approximately US$4.03 million) for 65% of the equity of the HK SPV and provide a loan of 1,105,000,000 Japanese yen (approximately US$13.60 million) to the HK SPV. The
U.S dollar equivalents are based on the exchange rate of 81.105 Japanese yen per U.S. dollar. The HK SPV plans to use the paid-in capital and shareholder loans to invest in the Softbank Affiliate. Our Audit Committee has reviewed and approved the transaction.

Depending on the side of spending you are on, the above is either going to be positive or negative on paper. This is a company that has cash as its strongest asset. If it can use it well to transform the company, then I am all for it as a transformation and turnaround is what we are looking for. The Yellowstone fee is minimal to what they have been paying their managers and resulting performance. On the flip side, spending for the sake of spending would obviously be negative.

The joint venture with ZTE (which ZTE is this?) seems interesting and could contribute right away to the relationship with Softbank and potentially boost company revenue in Japan much faster.

The amount of revenue and bookings are not enough at this stage to support their expenses so the company has to decide how long to keep up that expense base or act more aggressively to generate more revenue. For them to a player in the iptv/telecom-cable infra in 3 major countries no less, I would think they have to generate significantly more revenue and be aggressive for growth (and thus my vote for continued investments).

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