Monday, August 2, 2010

Delays have cost UT shareholders

A shareholder commented in the yahoo MB that "it will take some time, if indeed it can be done, to bring this company back from the brink that Blackmore led it to."

I am looking for incremental improvements in the following items on the call that should have been accomplished already.

1. China investment deal. Announced in Feb, even at the end of JUNE, we've heard (not from UT) in an article of approval from China and to be closing soon but still nothing.

2. BSNL-India Phase III - Initially should have been Q3 2009 (Q4 at the latest) and still no concrete update from the company.

3. Bookings - Even during the entire downturn the last two years, management was guiding to 50% bookings growth and then to double digit growth and then to just "good" bookings and then finally last quarter to booking way less than one.

4. OPEX - Even the latest restructuring should have been done before the end of Q4 last year and now revised to the end of Q2 but in Q1, the opex was still nowhere close to the target.

5. Transparency - Also should be improving but book to bill #s, iptv subscriber #s, # of trials, status of GEPON/GPON, PDSN, relationships in Latin America, Britain, Europe, etc - there is nothing. So, this is going the other way too.

I'm all for waiting but certain things should show incremental improvement or been completed already. The price at these levels is a joke for their assets, stated market positions, and projected growth of their markets but why is it still here and why hasn't someone made a higher offer by now?

So, the low price (that we longs feel) is directly related to incredible poor performance in such a way that all the "potential/cash/tech assets" that we longs talk about is easily negated by the incredible unresolved items up to now and the lack of even incremental improvements as I listed above. If they had resolved some of those items way before this year, the investment price would not even be close to $2.2.....That price may have been acceptable LAST June 2009 but not this Feb. 2010 and certainly not right now.

Shareholders deserve much more even at this stage.

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