Monday, April 5, 2010

Reasons for the recent rally.

While some posters will point to the Chinese investors as the MAIN reason, that is idiotic to say the least.

I would say the company stock is still a lagger and just catching up with the market. But, why did it lag and why did it now catch up? During late last year, what metrics could we judge the company by? The only ones were the restructuring, outsourcing of the manufacturing, sale of the building, BSNL phase III, potential wins with China Mobile. There was no quarterly guidance, bookings, contracts, or anything much provided.

What did they accomplish? They failed on a lot of those above items above and hence the stock continued to lag. Even after the announcement of the Chinese investors, did the stock rally? No, it went down 15% below the price that investors were going to pay for the new stock.

What has led to this rally is the performance in Q4, info in the CC, and the Roth conference presentation.

1. The company did over $100m in revenues in Q4, had positive cash flows of $20m+, and w/out charges almost had a breakeven quarter.
2. The company gave details of the BSNL delay.
3. The company gave details on the closing of the building.
4. The company discussed when the investment group influx would close.
5. The company convinced new shareholders from the Roth conference and buyers emerged.
6. Clarification on deferred revenue (the mix composing mainly Phase 1 & 2 BSNL contracts, which would be replaced with higher margin Phase III revenues).
7. Ongoing progress with outsourcing/restructuring and that it would be completed in Q2 (not Q3 but some in Q1 and be completed by Q2).
8. Continued market share leadership in China IPTV (44%), new cable iptv deals, and the push by government to increase iptv subscribers (note the projections for double the iptv subscribers for 2010 and increasing to 2014 or so).

So, while the Chinese investors and new iptv/cable models (not contracts) are definitely welcome, it hasn't yielded anything tangible in the business. There have been no contracts and no loans to discuss as of yet.

The volume in the stock is still very low and has not had a breakout day (10-20x average daily volume) as of yet. I think it will come but the company has yet to even complete certain items listed above, not to mention any benefits from having new board members and the relationship with the Beijing government entity.

In any case, there is much to look forward to but until we get a significant upside volume breakout day and a break of the 7-year downtrend, the stock is just reflecting a rally from the recent quarterly update (which was also long overdue).

Will UT benefit from being a Chinese company? I hope so. I just want them to get their operational items in order (finish restructuring, get margins up, manage contracts/inventory better, etc) so that they are a "normal" company, let alone a Chinese company. If they can get to being a normal company, and then a normal Chinese company, then maybe we shareholders can still benefit from the 8-10% growth in China :-)

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