Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Institutional Holdings/Activity

The following link shows institutional activity as of the end of the 3rd quarter (9/30/09).


Shah Capital, the #1 UT holder, increased their position by over 1m to around 7.5m shares. It is interesting to note that they are concentrated on China and their #1 holding is a major winner this year, China Yucha, Intl LTD (CYD). That holding alone is worth around $36m! For each $1 that CYD goes up, thats a $2m gain, enough to fund buying a million shares of UT every quarter.

I don't know what Shah's intentions are but I hope they use it to motivate the board/management to think about shareholder value for once. In addition, with the low volume, low share price, and their major wins this year, Shah could literally have a ball with UT stock. I would not bet against these guys.

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