Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here is a 6 month chart with the 20 and 50 day overlay.,m20&a=&c=

The initial cross back at 90 cents was a prelude to a nice run to $2.43, close to the November 2008 highs.

Now, the stock sits right at the 50 day with the 20 day trending up and coming up fast. I had commented in the past about the 20 day moving average. The stock was comfortably above the 20 day on its run up but broke down around the $2 area, subsequently reaching $1.35, which interestingly enough was the launch from the low $1 range. For trading, the 20 day is a farily good indicator and you should be long as it is above that. The bears had a nice attack early Friday but failed to bring it down. A few weeks ago, the 50 day was around $1.8 and $1.83/1.84 was the high just after the shareholder meeting. Now, that it has gone down slightly, the breakout point is here. Next week could be the long overdue breakout as the stock is incredibly cheap.

Just some gibberish technicals for traders out there. I'd like to see more volume for more confirmation from a technical standpoint. I'll post more on the earnings call later this weekend.

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