Thursday, February 7, 2008

Response by Peter Blackmore

This was an email I received from Peter Blackmore, UTStarcom President and COO.


Thank you for your thoughtful e-mail.

We clearly appreciate your interest in the company. We are working very actively to address many of the issues you raise regarding UTStarcom with respect to shareholder value as we discussed at the last shareholder meeting.

We would be pleased to speak with you to discuss your thoughts on the Company after we report our Q4 earnings and file our 10K.

Obviously we need to have our discussions in line with Regulation FD so all shareholders benefit from the same knowledge from the company.


Here is my response:


Thank you for your prompt reply. From the time stamp on your email, you are either overseas working hard to secure contracts for the company or have no idea your computer clock is off. Hopefully, it is the former.

The shareholders are very much looking forward to the upcoming earnings call and hope many of the issues that have been brought up can be resolved with the shareholder's best interest.

For the meeting after the earnings call, the group would like to have atleast one of the independent board members and a representative of the compensation committee to be present for the discussions.

I understand the need to follow regulations regarding disclosure and will work with your management team and the stakeholders to ensure that is met.

I will be posting your email and my response in the blog so that it is available to the group's members and interested stakeholders.

Once again, I thank you for your response and look forward to the upcoming earnings call and shareholder meeting.


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