Thursday, November 22, 2007

IPTV in Korea/Vietnam-Next front for UTStarcom?

Thanks to Nawar for providing updates on Korea IPTV.

From the last CC,

"In particular the IPTV business continues to gain momentum. Attributively we have booked approximately 240 million in IPTV contracts and recognized approximately $80 million in revenue. We recently won new contracts in Fujian Province in China and a major new customer in another Asian country, which we can announce in a few weeks. We currently have IPTV deployments in China, Japan, India and Brazil. We have about half a million live IPTV subscribers and contracts for about 2 million subscriber system capacity.

We are not sure if Korea is the next deployment for UT. Some are speculating Vietnam but the growth of worldwide iptv acceptance is good for UT. The trends support explosive growth in iptv:

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it's Taiwan